Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Forms Class

Class last week was devoted to forms.  I had a great time, even though I can really feel the difference in my lung capacity now.  I tried to do everything a little slower than normal and paid extra attention to my breathing.  But I was still panting at the end of the longer forms.

The method for learning forms at my school is that you have to do ten push-ups every time you make a mistake. I think it is supposed to encourage upper body strength, since almost everyone messes up here and there.  But I hate doing push-ups so much that I always make it a huge priority to memorize my form as quickly as possible, just so I can avoid them.  It's probably why I can still hardly do ten push-ups.

At the end of class, the black belts did Kum Gong form.  I love this form.  It contains no kicks, but it manages to be very powerful all the same.

You can see a video of a black belt doing it here:
Kum Gang Video

The part where I'm supposed to balance on one leg?  Not really going so well.  I'm kind of tipping over a lot.  Let's blame the baby.

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