Monday, March 1, 2010

Quick Review: Buff Moms-To-Be by Sue Fleming

Buff Moms-To-Be by Sue Fleming:

I'll admit that I became less enthusiastic about reading this book when I realized it was the sequel to Buff Brides-To-Be (Lose weight before you end up in a wedding photo! And holy crap, you gained it back by getting pregnant!  What were you thinking?).  But the advice inside isn't too bad.

I am, as I've mentioned before, looking for a book that describes how to get through real-world (i.e., the rest of the unpregnant masses) exercising while you're dealing with all the new stuff pregnancy brings on.  This book isn't exactly that, but I'm losing hope that I'll ever really find that book.  Instead, Buff Moms provides some good general pregnancy facts along with a light weight-lifting regimen that can be maintained through to the end of most uncomplicated pregnancies.

What I like most about this book is the author's practical tone and advice that (duh) you should be able to do almost any kind of exercise you want while you're pregnant.  Walking, jogging, swimming, yoga (always with the yoga) get special attention as "pregnancy friendly."  Ice hockey gets called out twice as being bad during pregnancy.  Maybe the combination of ice + skates + people ramming you = bad.

Most irritating piece of advice?  "Wear loose, comfortable clothing."  First of all, isn't that the advice about what to wear when you exercise even if you're NOT pregnant?  Also, I have two types of clothes in my closet now: things that are too tight to fit anymore and maternity clothes I am still not big enough to wear.  Where is this magical loose and yet still comfortable clothing (that I assume is tight enough not to fall off)?

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