Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick Review: Super Fit Mama, by Tracey Mallet

Super Fit Mama, by Tracey Mallet

Ah, yes, let's all be Super Fit Mamas, shall we?  Under the title of this one are the words: "Stay Fit During Pregnancy and Get Your Body Back After Baby!"  Arg, my body has been high-jacked by the baby I GREW ALL BY MYSELF, must ... fix it ... must ... pretend I never grew a baby by the POWER OF MY OWN BODY.  This is slightly more annoying than the idea of Buff Mom-To-Be following on the heels of Buff Bride-To-Be.

Again, this book is contains a workout routine to do while you're pregnant and after the baby is born.  I give it bonus points because she actually wrote several different workouts, one for each trimester and three for different phases of postpartum life.  However, I'm taking away points because all her "success" stories involve people who hated working out and ate junk food all the time before they start her program.  Let's all be clear: when you don't exercise but do eat junk food, changing those things usually results in you being fitter, no matter which diet or workout routine you pick.  I'm waiting around for someone to address those of us who do eat well and already workout but don't ever see any results from any new diet or exercise program.  Plus, most of her examples lost between 15 - 30 pounds; by the end of my pregnancy, I will probably need to lose that amount from each of my boobs, so I will probably need something more powerful.

The pregnancy workouts are pretty nice.  They are short and use stuff you probably already have at home (I'm a fan of not having to buy anything to participate).  Plus, the back of the book includes an eating guide with some recipes.  I've made a handful of them and can attest that they are pretty tasty.  Flax seed pancakes = yum.

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