Friday, November 20, 2009

Martials Arts While Pregnant

Because taekwondo includes a wide variety of exercises, I figured it would be pretty easy to modify it for the pregnant body.  Even though my body doesn't look pregnant yet.  It just looks like I gained fifteen pounds.  Fun.

In general, it's really just a matter of avoiding getting kicked in the baby area.  And not falling down.  I hear us pregnant ladies fall dwn a lot.  I haven't fallen down yet, but I have walked into the coffee table at least half a dozen times.  Does that count?

For the kind of taekwondo I practice (WTF/Olympic style), this boils down to:
  • No sparring, not even light contact or no contact, because accidents can happen.  I mean, I was sparring a six year old over the summer and he managed to punch me in the eye.  At least I think that was an accident.
  • No self-defense practice.  It's the whole "don't fall down" thing, I guess.
  • No jumping techniques.  Cuz I might fall!
  • Limited or no sit-ups, ab workouts, or strength training that requires me to be on my back.  Sit ups have been feeling funny lately anyway.  I don't think that part of me is in the same place as it was three months ago.
  • Lots of forms.  These are my favorite anyway, so yay!
  • Lots of stretching.
  • Lots of kicking and punching.
I think I will be able to modify most of the training exercises on the spot during class.  I also plan to work out on my own when necessary.  And, perhaps most importantly, I'm going to give myself a break when I feel like it.  It should help that the weather is a lot cooler now and I won't have to work out in hundred-degree-plus temps anymore (last summer was a tough one).

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